Noël Anderson

Current Exhibition: 

"Broken Boundaries"
Magpie Gallery

Taos, NM USA




Anderson is an established artist for over 20 years in Taos, NM.  Beginning with found objects and recycled materials - primarily leather, wood, books and natural materials-  a story begins, giving them new life and character as elements are constructed/reconstructed/transformed.  



"Despite the apparent physicality and density of my work, I have allowed a much more dreamy and unpredictable aspect to emerge. Like a good balance between play and hard work, it's masculine and feminine at the same time."

- Noël Anderson



"Earth, nature, our natural world is my inspiration. I'm attracted to pattern, rhythm and sacred geometry which shows up everywhere in our everyday lives."     

- Noël Anderson 


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Current Exhibition: March 9 - 30, 2019

"Broken Boundaries"
Over a hundred original works @ Magpie in Taos, NM 

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